Kill your creative blocks.

A free guide on how to use tarot cards to unblock creativity and bring your best ideas to life.


How the guide works

Tarot cards probably can’t tell you your future. But they can help you solve tough creative problems. This guide will show you how to use tarot cards to see your problem from a different perspective and help you start generating fresh ideas that you may have missed otherwise.

3 different tarot spreads to tackle your creative rut

Includes tracker for note-taking so you can learn from the process

No spirituality, hocus-pocus or tarot reading experience required

"I [...] came up with some really pointedly insightful readings about the career struggles I’m having at the moment.""

- J.C.

"It was fun, informative, and easy to read and use."

- K.K.

Artist. Goth. Book nerd.

Hello! My name is Genevieve and I'm a portrait artist, illustrator, and lover of horror films who has made several tarot decks and worked through some pretty gnarly creative blocks in my day. I use the cards to help me look at creative problems from another angle and get my brain juices flowing.
I love sharing what I've learned about the history of tarot and creating inclusive decks reflecting the diverse and complicated world around me. And I want anyone curious about tarot to feel empowered to explore it!

Genevieve looking at camera. Blonde hair in a bun with black tank top. an iPad with Procreate to the right of the picture.

Bring your best ideas back to life